The Basics of Gold & Silver Investing | Episode 1 | The Gold Awakening Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of “The Gold Awakening Podcast” with your host Michael Piccioni. In this episode, Michael is joined by co-host Marcello Pizzo, Marketing Director & Founder of Numark Media – Marcello asks basic questions about alternative investing, including gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies. Michael offers insights into what’s coming ahead in the world of alternative investing and how to prepare for the future, making this episode a great learning video for novice investors. Throughout the conversation, Michael covers the basics of precious metals and their role in diversifying your investment portfolio. He also touches on the state of the economy with interest rates, inflation and how it impacts alternative investments, including cryptocurrencies. By the end of this episode, viewers will have a better understanding of the potential benefits and risks of investing in alternative assets. Whether you’re new to alternative investing or an experienced investor, this episode of “The Gold Awakening Podcast” offers valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to explore the world of alternative investments. Tune in and discover the exciting opportunities that await in the world of alternative investing! Visit: – for everything Gold Awakening. – Online bullion store for the best rates for gold & silver. – Canada’s #1 Currency Exchange.

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