Shan Hasan | Episode 2 | The Gold Awakening Podcast

In episode 2 of the Gold Awakening podcast, Michael Piccioni welcomes Shan Hasan, President and real and real estate investment expert of The Hasan Group. Shan and Michael discuss alternative investments and financial markets. They cover real estate opportunities, managing risk with rising interest rates, precious metals investing, and the “death of the dollar” and its potential impact on investors. The episode offers practical tips and strategies for investors looking to explore alternative investments, emphasizing the importance of due diligence and a long-term investment mindset. Host: Michael Piccioni Co-Host: Marcello Pizzo Guest: Shan Hasan Checkout: Visit: – for everything on “The Gold Awakening Podcast” – Canada’s online bullion store for the best rates for gold & silver. – Canada’s #1 Currency Exchange

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