Dave Hunter | Episode 4 | The Gold Awakening Podcast

The Gold Awakening Podcast with Michael Piccioni is a thought-provoking podcast that tackles various important topics. In this podcast, Michael engages in insightful discussions with Dave Hunter, who is both the Managing Partner at The DRIVE Magazine and a REALTOR with Deerbrook Realty. Episode 4 offers a unique blend of discussions on the opioid crisis, media dynamics, and the Windsor real estate market. Listeners can gain valuable insights and perspectives on these important subjects through the expertise and engaging conversations between Michael and Dave. For more Dave Hunter visit: https://thedrivemagazine.com/ https://www.davehunterrealty.ca/ https://www.t2b.ca/ Visit: www.canamcurrency.com – Canada’s #1 Currency Exchange and precious metals experts. www.canambullion.com – Canada’s online bullion store for the best rates for gold & silver

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